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Proven Marketing with the Help of Technology

The internet continues to change the way the world does things, in particular its had a huge impact upon how business’ and their customers are able to interact and engage with each other. If your not currently using technology to maintain and build relationship with your customers, your missing a huge opportunity to develop your business and your brand.


The Facts

90% of mobile telephones sold today have full internet browsing capabilities, that number is on the rise each and every year. 42 million people in the UK have a mobile telephone with some form of 3G internet subscription. The world wide web, personal computers and internet enabled mobile telephones have opened up a number of great opportunities for business.

Coverbook was started by a small group of technical wizards with a background in digital marketing, essentially helping business’ use the internet to grow. Our goal is to help business’ move forward in these technologically gifted times.


Your Customers Love You

We specialize in creating reward schemes that your customers love and want to be part of.

The Coverbook system enables you to:

  1. Communicate the uniqueness of your brand to your passionate customer base.
  2. Encourage repeat and new bookings to your restaurant.
  3. Advertise your promotions and any seasonal or one-off events.

Furthermore, we know your likely to be very busy running your own business, so it was important
for us to build the system in a way which requires as little work as possible from your end.


Every Business Should Get the Chance

We believe every customer facing business should get the chance to use our system and that’s why we committed to make it available completely free of charge for a 60 day period. Does it cost us time and money to offer 60 day trials for free? Of course it does, but we believe in giving first and love demonstrating our powerful model to new people. Our system benefits you and your customers – So if you haven’t already done so, sign up for your free trial and get started today. You won’t look back.